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Privacy Policy

Please Read This Privacy Policy Carefully. You Indicate That You Understand, Agree And Consent To This Privacy Policy. Hence By Visiting Our Website Or By Using / Availing Any Of Our Service Or Product, You Hereby Give Your Unconditional Consent Or Agreements To Deals In Car As Provided Under Section 43a And Section 72a Of Information Technology Act, 2000 For Collection, Use, Storage, Processing And Transfer And Disclosure Of Your Information. You Acknowledge That You Have All Legal Rights And Lawful Authority To Share The Information With Us And Further Acknowledge That By Collecting, Sharing, Processing And Transferring Information Provided By You, This Shall Not Cause Any Loss Or Wrongful Gain To You Or Any Other Person.

If You Do Not Agree With The Terms Of This Privacy Policy, Please Do Not Access / Use Our Website Or Avail Any Of Our Service Or Product On Our Website.

This policy is designed to make you understand:
  • The type of information which You share with Us or which We collect during Your usage to Website.
  • The purpose of such collection, storage, processing and transferring of Your Information.
  • Security measures implemented by Us to protect Your Information as mandated by law.
  • Disclosure, sharing and transfer of Your personal information.
Information We Collect (Your Information) and store:

We collect Your information during your usage to Website or when you avail any of services or products available on Website, either as a registered user or otherwise. The information collected may consists of:

Your Personal Information including Your name, age, gender, address, email id, phone number, date of birth, financial information, any other sensitive personal data or information etc. Non-personal information which may include your geographical location, your system details like OS version, internet browser & your telecom service provider etc.

We may receive Your Information from third parties such as social media, and in such case, the information We collect may include your user name associated with that social media, any information or content the social media has the right to share with us, such as your profile picture, email address or friends list, and any information you have made public in connection with that social media. When you access the Website or otherwise deal with any Cars For u  entity through social media, you are authorizing Cars For u to collect, store, use and retain such information and content in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Non-personal information may be collected through various ways such through the use of cookies.Cars For u may store temporary or permanent "cookies" on Your computer. You can erase or choose to block these cookies from Your computer. You can configure Your computer’s browser to alert You when we attempt to send You a cookie with an option to accept or refuse the cookie. If You have turned cookies off, You may be prevented from using certain features of the Website. Further, we may use third-party service providers to serve ads on Cars For u behalf across the internet and sometimes on the Website. They may collect Non- personal information about Your visits to the Website, and Your interaction with the services on the Website.

Your Information will mostly be stored in electronic form however certain data may be stored in physical form. We may store, collect, use and process Your Information in countries other than Republic of India subject to compliance under applicable laws. We may enter into agreements with third parties (in or outside of India) to store or process Your Information and such third parties may have their own security measures to safeguard Your Information.

Purpose of Collection, Storage, Processing:

Cars For u collect Your Information solely for the purpose of providing you the service that is connected with the function or activity of the Cars For u which includes but not limited to the following (“Purpose”):

To inform You about various products and services offered on Our Website. To address Your queries and resolve your concerns pertaining to any service or product that you were looking for.

To send you survey and marketing communications or facilitate various programmes and initiatives launched either by Us or third party which We believes may be of interest to You. To facilitate Your usage of Website and improve Our Service, product or content on Website. To review Website performance and do data analysis to make Your experience better.

To protect the integrity of Our Website.

To inform You about change in any term and condition of this Privacy Policy or Terms of Use of any Website ofCars For u. To implement information security practices, to determine any security breaches, contaminant or computer virus, to investigate/prevent/take action illegal activities and suspected fraud.

Sharing, Transfer or Disclosure:

Any service or product provided through Our Website may be provided either by Cars For u, channel partners and other third parties (“other entities”) which are registered provide products through Website.

You acknowledge and agree thatCars For u  may share, disclose, transfer or part with Your Information to other entities depending upon the type of service or product You are looking for or for one or more of the permissible purposes. Cars For u may also share Your personal or non-personal information where it is required to share the same with such other entities for providing you the service or product and You provide Cars For u, Your unconditional consent to do the same. Cars For u may share statistical data and/or other Non-personal Information or details without your express or implied consent to facilitate various program or initiatives launched b yCars For u, third party service providers, partners or financial institutions, from time to time.

In addition to this, Cars For u  reserve the right to share Your Information with any Government Agency or other authorized law enforcement agencies (LEAs) mandated under law to obtain Your Information for the purpose of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, investigation including but not limited to cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences etc.